Dustin's Year in St. Petersburg

"Счастье - без ревности, страсть - без угроз" - Валерий Брюсов

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So I failed at continuing blogging through the end of the program. I ended up just getting so buried under homework and preparation for exams and class and whatnot, that any free time I had, I generally wanted to use to take a moment to myself, or get out of the house (for the sake of my sanity)! 

Anywho, program is now over, finished with all exams, spent time with my parents when they came to visit me in Russia for two weeks, and now I’m on my tour of the US on the way back! Currently in Buffalo, and , as you’ve/’ll get from this video, visited Niagara Falls!! Such an amazing place!!!

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Finally posting a new video!! For those of you who actually still check this blog (*hint hint, mom*), I apologize for having falling to the wayside, I’ll try to pick it back up a little more. Just been overloaded with work and trying to get out and do things when I can so I keep my sanity. 

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Random Ruminations

So, I’ll quickly post, currently I’m on winter break, so my posts are going to be sporadic and not at all according to my schedule. I’m currently in Frankfurt, Germany at a friend’s place! I’ll be here (and in Aachen) until next Wednesday when I return to St. Pete! Lots and lots and lots of pictures will be taken! 

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Intern’s Insights

So, today at my internship, I discovered how much of a difference it makes when you don’t have to spend mass quantities of time trying to either find the proper, already determined, translation of a noun (e.g. organization, fund, names of trainings and sections, etc.), or have to deal with abbreviations, translation work goes so much quicker! Seriously! Translating a document about the company’s infrastructure, and gor through maybe one third of it in 2 days of work. Just today translated 1/2.

Random last second thought before I head off to bed (early night for me tonight… says something about this week huh?) discovered that iTunes has its own radio service. When did this happen?!? SO MANY OPTIONS!! Been enjoying a Russian radio station (based in New York, so it has some songs in Russian and some English) while doing my homework today.

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Concluding Contemplations

So this week proved to be busier than I had hoped, but hey, that’s life. Had lots of homework and classwork, and even took an exam for my direct enrollment course! Kinda cool I can say I took a real Russian test for a genuine Russian course! 

Friday was pretty awesome! After class, went to lunch with a couple friends and had a pretty long and interesting conversation, on some pretty interesting and random topics. Then we had our excursion (mentioned in earlier post). Afterwords, went to get some tea with our resident director and a friend. Then finally, stopped by a store to pick up some groceries and headed over to one of my friends apartments (Russian friend). We had a group of 5 of us (6 once another friend finished his concert and got home - it was at his house) that had a great time chatting, cooking pizzas from scratch and joking around. It was a long and very fun evening. 

Side note, as can be seen in the videos below, it has FINALLY started to snow here! Getting hella cold, but hey, that’s just part of snow! So this Saturday, got together for the 2nd weekend in a row and played some good ‘ole American football. But this time, in the snow! Was a heck of a lot harder to get started running and make last second turns, but was a lot of fun!

Due to unknown reasons/unforeseen circumstances Justin, our program RD, had tickets for a concert, but couldn’t use them. Sooo, I got ‘em and ended up going to the concert (Alai Oli) that night with a friend! Was a pretty awesome concert! It was like a mix of Russian Reggae, Alternative and Rock; though I believe it’s classified as Reggae. For those of you interested (specially if you speak Russian) here’s a clip of one of the songs towards the end:


Then today (Sunday) was a day of homework homework and more homework! This week is last week of classes/tests, then next week is presentations of our direct enrollment classes and the state proficiency exam… then… winter break!!!